Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dogs Against Barack Obama

According to sources, the canine community is not very fond of Barack Obama and they are staging a hunger strike if they know the treat is associated with the current administration. Please see proof of this at the below link:


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SEPTA - Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation A-HOLES

The news this morning that SEPTA decided to strike was not shocking. Remember we are dealing with a group of idiots here that are not thankful for their current jobs with benefits that they hold. I guess the employees of SEPTA do not read the Metro, otherwise they would be informed citizens and know the dire straights that the economy is in, let alone the city of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania. A very attractive deal was extended to them late last night but that offer was still not good enough, it included pay raises and the same health benefits at no additional costs, an offer most working (and non-working) people would jump at! Again let me state we are dealing with idiots!!! I think that when they go back to the bargaining table, they should include money to cover customer service training as well as a mandatory basic course on economics to all employees! That's the Monty Way for Today!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The La-Z-Boy is for Sale!!!!

I found that the La-Z-Boy that was invloved in the DWI incident is up for sale on E-Bay. The current bid is $43,100.00 Yes that is $43,100.00!!! Below is the link to place a bid and the link to the story on cnn.com

To Bid:

The Story on CNN:

Too Funny!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


As a follow-up to my original post, please see below link to a story about a man who recieved 180 days in jail for a DWI while operating his motorized La-Z-boy chair.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cell Phone Ban for Motorized Wheelchairs?

Recently in Philadelphia and starting to be enforced on November 1, 2009 Mayor Nutter signed into law a ban on hand-held cell phones while driving, biking or rollerblading within the city limits of Philadelphia. However this ban does not cover motorized wheelchairs. I am a Rollerblader and cell phone user and now I cannot "blade" and "talk" on the phone at the same time or face a citation that carries a fine of $75.00. However, dining the other night in Chinatown, I witnessed a man in a motorized wheelchair traveling on the sidewalk at a high rate of speed, talking into a hand-held cell phone. I feel that this situation is more dangerous than a person chatting on their cell phone while rollerblading on city streets. Mayor Nutter if you are reading this, I would recommend that you amend the law to now include motorized wheelchairs in the citywide cell phone ban! That's the Monty Way for Today.

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