Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cell Phone Ban for Motorized Wheelchairs?

Recently in Philadelphia and starting to be enforced on November 1, 2009 Mayor Nutter signed into law a ban on hand-held cell phones while driving, biking or rollerblading within the city limits of Philadelphia. However this ban does not cover motorized wheelchairs. I am a Rollerblader and cell phone user and now I cannot "blade" and "talk" on the phone at the same time or face a citation that carries a fine of $75.00. However, dining the other night in Chinatown, I witnessed a man in a motorized wheelchair traveling on the sidewalk at a high rate of speed, talking into a hand-held cell phone. I feel that this situation is more dangerous than a person chatting on their cell phone while rollerblading on city streets. Mayor Nutter if you are reading this, I would recommend that you amend the law to now include motorized wheelchairs in the citywide cell phone ban! That's the Monty Way for Today.

Your comments are welcomed.


  1. Mayor Nutty please also amend the law to include motorized Segways!

  2. Can we just ban people I don't like? I'll send a list weekly to Mayor Nutter.